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Breaking News: 1 Mio.$ Spenden in 2017

von 19. Januar 2018Dezember 19th, 2020Allgemein, vom Weltverband IFF

Unglaubliche 1 Millionen Dollar konnten wir im Jahr 2017 sammeln!

Es klingt unwirklich, fast zu schön – aber im Jahr 2017 konnten wir über diverse Spendenaufrufe die unglaubliche Summe von 1. Mio $ von unseren Spendern erhalten. Diese Gelder werden zur gezielten Forschung am FoxG1 Syndrom sowie anderer genetisch bedingter Krankheitsbilder  verwendet. Die internationale Spendenplattform (ehemals vermeldet folgendes:


Wow… We have raised ONE MILLION DOLLARS for FOXG1 Research in just a few months in 2017! This marks the first million dollars of our seven million dollar goal to get us to clinical trials!!

Thanks to all generous donors, we are able to fund every project in Phase One of our Path To A Cure strategy! With more to come.

Thank you to all the FOXG1 parents who have worked so hard to make this come true. Thank you friends, families, companies. Thank you to the BLACKSWAN Foundation for taking us under your wing. Thank you all for believing in us, in our strategy, our team, our dedication, and our choices.

We are so inspired to forge ahead to find a cure for FOXG1 Syndrome and related-brain disorders. We are confident, with the help of our brilliant Scientific Advisory Board and our renowned researchers dedicated to understanding FOXG1 and applying genetic therapies, we will find ways of alleviating symptoms in our children in the next 3-5 years.

Stay tuned for information on new projects we are funding and on our progress.

In 2018-2019 we will take our projects to the next level with the goal to see our children into clinical trials. We have a lot of work ahead of us and welcome all the support and help on this incredible journey.